Some tips from us on caring for your hair system during the hot weather…

Hot and humid summer days can make maintaining your hairpiece more challenging and you may need to take extra care if you’ll be going on holiday. Please always remember that your hair system is not a barrier to the sun’s harmful rays. Always avoid direct sunlight or wear a hat or scarf. Following these few simple tips will ensure that your hair replacement system will stay protected in the sun and last as long as possible.

Just as the cold winter weather brings challenges with the drying effects of central heating, the sun can also dry out your system’s hair and cause damage. Sunlight can fade the colour of your hair piece and sweating in the heat could weaken the strength of its bond.

Stay in the shade whenever you can and avoid peak midday sunlight. If you’ll be in a warm climate or you cannot avoid being out in the sun, we’d advise keeping as cool as possible to avoid the excessive sweating which can weaken the bond.

If you’ll be swimming you can wet the hair and apply conditioner before you enter the water. Afterwards, be sure to thoroughly wash the hair replacement system and use conditioner (avoiding the roots). Brush this gently through with a toothed comb or your fingers so as not to break the hair.

Avoid saunas, as the humidity and intense heat will affect the bond.

Styling Tips …

As with natural hair avoid using heated tools to style your hairpiece in hotter dry weather, to help keep it looking good for as long as possible. If you do use heated styling tools, always use a heat protection product and keep the heat to below 180C Using a nourishing shampoo and conditioner will further prevent damage. If you have a human hair system, you should use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner – we recommend Neal and Wolf Harmony.

Always remember that each hair in your hair system is individually knotted and excessive tension on these knots will weaken them. For longer styles, always brush from the ends whilst supporting the hair to avoid pulling on the roots. Work your way up from ends to scalp but all the while supporting the roots with your hand to avoid undue tension. If possible allow to dry naturally or gently dry with a hair dryer on low heat. Use heat protection spray. Do not pull on the roots with your brush when blow drying, as wet hair is particularly susceptible to breakage and weakening of the knots.

For any advice on maintaining and styling your hair replacement system, feel free to call us on 01422 836093

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